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Optimum Research’s analytics team is properly equipped with the research background needed to devise qualitative and quantitative data analysis methodology for virtually any contemporary and relevant academic topic. Most of our analysts and consultants have research and publication backgrounds from top-ranked MS and PhD programs across the United States, and will be more than happy to get you started vis-a-vis a free phone consultation. Call us at (984)222-7122 today!

The primary question you need to answer in devising your research methodology (ideally during the topic selection process) is whether you will select a qualitative methodology or a quantitative methodology in order to conduct your research.

A qualitative methodology is generally aimed at gaining an in-depth understanding of, or insight into, a phenomenon. This approach can be ideal for new researchers, or researchers who are particularly interested in experiences and perceptions.

Data collection for qualitative research can involve extensive interviews, focus groups, observation notes, open-ended questionnaires and documents, all of which provide rich data to identify key themes during analysis.

On the other hand, a quantitative methodology has the objective of confirming and quantifying a statistical association between various factors. This approach is ideally suited for researchers who want to study a phenomenon directly, including its effectiveness.

Data collection for quantitative research may involve self-collected survey data or a secondary data source, and aims to control for any potential sources of bias and confounding to produce precise and valid statistical inferences.

Once you’ve determined the most appropriate methodology and design for your study, your task becomes planning each step of the data collection and analysis process. At many universities, the pre-dissertation process only requires a broad outline of your quantitative or qualitative methodology – which leaves some researchers at a loss when the time comes to prepare the full methodology chapter.

Whether you’ve selected a quantitative or a qualitative approach for your dissertation or doctoral study, we can provide you with tailored support to address any issues in your study alignment so that your data will answer your unique research questions.

We can also assist you with the rest of your methodology chapter, from participants and sample size, to data collection methods and ethical procedures. Looking ahead to to the last stages of your dissertation, we’ll help you save time by finalizing your analysis plan, including identifying the most appropriate software to complete your qualitative or quantitative analysis.

As with every stage of the dissertation, we know each researcher’s needs are highly unique, and we will be happy to discuss how we can help with your methodology chapter – whether you’re just starting this section or addressing final reviewer feedback. To discuss how we can support you with your methodology, get in touch with one of our academic consultants via email or phone.



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