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Throughout the course of each school year, Optimum Research assists its clients in passing their qualifying exams. The level of support is always 100% customized to the needs of each client, and we do not give up on anyone until the final approval is obtained. Call us today at (984) 222-7122 to find out exactly how we can help you get on your doctoral studies much quicker!

The comprehensive exam or qualifying exam is a critical final step after completing your initial coursework and before beginning your dissertation, and different universities take highly individualized approaches to assessing your preparedness to commence your doctoral research.

In fact, many schools have designed the comprehensive exams to help you begin to identify your research topic and study design through targeted questions exploring key theories and literature or previous methodological approaches. We encourage our clients to think of comprehensive exams as a useful first step to developing your dissertation or doctoral study.

Whether you have an oral and a written defense at this stage, or a take-home essay or series of essay questions, we can provide you with complete assistance with your comprehensive exams. This stage is often quite time-sensitive, so we’re also committed to working within even very short timelines. We have a broad range of experience supporting clients through both traditional and online universities’ comprehensive exam process. 

Our goal with your comprehensive exams and at every stage of providing dissertation assistance is to help you get approval faster with high-level, scholarly work that prepares you for the rest of your study. Please email or call us and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can provide this initial dissertation assistance to ensure a successful start to your study!




Tailored assistance for oral and written exams


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