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Optimum Research has an extremely strong statistical consulting team comprised of MS and PhD level statisticians from top institutions in the United States. Our main areas of expertise are with Biostatistics, Econometrics, and Psychometrics. To see how we can assist your business with growth, call us today at (984) 222-7122 for a free consultation!

Traditionally, corporate consulting was reserved for large national firms, due to the cost involved as well as extensive data needed in order to derive meaningful solutions. However, with the recent direction in technology and statistical theory, most organizations collect some form of data which can benefit from rigorous analyses. The most recent advances incorporate machine learning techniques to improve predictions in big data settings, as well as methodologies needed to exploit the correlation structure of a data-set. Our statisticians have rich backgrounds particularly in the emerging fields of Biostatistics and Econometrics, and have collaborated with researchers from virtually every discipline including the Social Sciences, Finances, Public Health, and Medicine.

Is your firm looking for statisticians? We are here to help! Optimum professionals have years of expertise assisting clients in the consulting setting, with a variety of statistical modeling problems. Some business projects that our clients have worked on the past include:

  • Building predictive models for past stock market data (e.g. NYSE, NASDAQ) using machine learning algorithms
  • Analyzing results from clinical trials using longitudinal data and survival analysis methods
  • Developing surveys and other forms of sample research and data

Call us at (984) 222-7122  phone consultation to discuss your experiences and how we can help with your particular project.

Normally, we will provide you with a full plan as well as a timeline for your project before providing a quote for your project, and this will ensure that our services are both affordable and fair. We also prefer to quote for the entire completion of the project as opposed to an hourly rate for our time, as we like to t sake responsibility for any project until its final completion and success.

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