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Optimum Research’s defense preparation team provides assistance with numerous aspects of our clients’ dissertation defense. The most popular services entail full support with crafting PowerPoint presentations adhering to committee guidelines, along with speaker notes and mock oral sessions with unlimited expert feedback to ensure that you will be ready to answer any questions your defense chair may have. To see how you can become the best prepared, call us today at (984) 222-7122 for a free phone consultation!

Whether you’re an experienced public speaker or a PowerPoint novice, dissertation defense poses unique challenges and rewards. We’ve worked with clients at a wide range of traditional and online universities to defend both their proposed study and their completed dissertations. Regardless of your experience or comfort level with this step in the approval process, we can provide you with tailored support to make sure your defense is cause for celebration – not for stress!

Once you reach this step in your doctoral studies (especially if you’ve already completed extensive final editing on your proposal or your full study) you might be pressed for time and ready for a new perspective. As with editing, this can be key, since you need to summarize and present an overview of the many stages of your research.

In other words, you need to give your committee context (in half an hour or less!) on everything from your theoretical framework and key findings from your literature review, to your carefully designed and completed methodology and data analysis, to the implications of your findings for future research and practice.

Sound like a lot? It can be – but we can help, with developing a professional, presentation-ready PowerPoint (including detailed notes for your reference) and even with a practice session with mock questions so that you’re prepared and even excited for the big day. As with all of our assistance, we can work fast to meet your deadlines and provide any follow-up support if you have questions.

If you’d like to discuss options for proposal defense or final defense, get in touch with a consultant today.


Experience with the defense process at a broad range of schools
Practice session option with public speaking expert
High-quality academic support for all major disciplines

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Feeling unprepared for your defense?  Let Optimum work with you personally to develop materials to help you present your PhD work. Our staff has considerably experience in developing materials and working directly with clients to ensure they effortlessly pass their defense.