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Optimum Research works with many analysts who already have publication experience in their respective fields. Whether you are refining your dissertation content for potential publication to ProQuest or looking for a statistician to facilitate your data analysis needs for an upcoming peer-reviewed journal publication, Optimum is ready to assist! Call us today at (984) 222-7122 to share the motivations and aspirations behind your project with us, and we’ll connect you to a suitable analyst for a free consultation right away!

For many of our clients, completing their doctoral studies is just the beginning of their academic careers. The next step for most newly-minted PhD – and DBA, and EdD, and DNP– graduates is to publish their dissertation research in a peer-reviewed, scholarly journal. If you’ve reached this stage in your academic career, congratulations!

After the extensive work you’ve completed writing your literature review and your final discussion, you probably have a good sense of a few journals that are publishing work similar to your completed research. (Although, if not, we can help you identify publications that will be a great fit for your work!)

The next step is to condense and revise your dissertation manuscript to meet the exact guidelines of the journal (or journals) in which you’d like to publish. As with final editing, this is where an objective review can be invaluable. It can be challenging to part with pages from your just-completed doctoral research, and so our journal assistance focuses mainly on identifying the key points throughout your study and preparing a streamlined manuscript according to your selected journal guidelines.

If you’re hoping to get that publication as the final step in your doctoral studies, or if you’re hoping to develop a long-term plan for research and publication, we can provide the journal assistance you need to meet your goals in this stage of your academic and professional career. Get in touch with our consultants today to find out more.


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