Client Testimonials

At the end of Optimum’s involvement with a client, we kindly ask for feedback and if we have permission for reprinting. At Optimum we do everything we can to ensure a client’s satisfaction with our services and are therefore happy to share their feedback on our site. Each client is given the discretion to sign or not sign the testimonial as they please.

As a client of Rachel Hamilton at Optimum Research Consulting, Rachel’s expertise and dedication were pivotal in the success of my dissertation. Her in-depth knowledge of research methodologies and her strategic approach provided me with clear guidance and timely feedback. What truly stood out was her personalized support, which made a challenging process feel manageable and even rewarding. Rachel’s professionalism and commitment to excellence have left a lasting impact, and am immensely grateful for her invaluable assistance. Her ability to simplify complex concepts and her encouraging demeanor made a significant difference in my doctoral journey.

Another very satisfied client

Optimum research assisted me on my dissertation research journey. When I felt like I could not push forward or continue with my dissertation process; they helped me to organize my interviews and clearly express my results. I would strongly recommend using their services if you need assistance getting to the finish line. They are the absolute best. Exceptional.

– Another happy graduate

I had the privilege of working closely with Optimum Research throughout the preparation of my dissertation research study. They played a pivotal role in crafting my study proposal, ensuring it was comprehensive and well-structured. Moreover, their assistance extended to guiding me through the development of chapters 4 and 5, refining my methodology and analysis. Optimum Research’s commitment to timeliness was commendable; they consistently delivered results promptly, allowing me to stay on track with my timeline. Rachel, in particular, stood out as an exceptional consultant. Her feedback was consistently clear and insightful, and she made herself readily available for communication via both email and phone calls, ensuring a smooth and efficient collaboration process. I am scheduled to defend in a few weeks, and thanks to Optimum Research, I am confident and prepared to carry out my defense.

K. C. 

I had the pleasure of working on my dissertation with Rachel Hamilton from Optimum Research, and I cannot express how grateful I am for her exceptional service. Rachel’s leadership throughout the entire process was nothing short of outstanding. Her ability to guide the research project with clarity, vision, and a strategic approach set her apart.
Rachel’s extreme knowledge in her field was evident in every interaction. She possesses a deep understanding of research methodologies, data analysis, and academic writing, which greatly contributed to the success of my dissertation. Her expertise was a guiding light, ensuring that every aspect of the research was handled with precision and academic rigor.
Dedication is a word that perfectly encapsulates Rachel’s commitment to her clients. She consistently went above and beyond to meet deadlines, provide insightful feedback, and address any concerns I had along the way. Her unwavering dedication to my project’s success was commendable and reassuring.
Trustworthiness is a quality that is of utmost importance when working on a dissertation, and Rachel exemplifies this trait effortlessly. I always felt confident in her abilities and trusted her judgment implicitly. Her transparent communication and reliability created a strong foundation of trust, making the entire process smooth and stress-free.
What impressed me the most about Rachel was her keen understanding of my needs as a client. She took the time to listen, comprehend my research goals, and tailor her guidance accordingly. This personalized approach demonstrated her professionalism and made the collaboration a genuinely collaborative and enriching experience.
I wholeheartedly recommend Rachel Hamilton at Optimum Research for all your dissertation needs. Her exceptional leadership, extensive knowledge, unwavering dedication, trustworthiness, and client-focused understanding make her an invaluable asset to anyone navigating the challenging academic research journey. Working with Rachel was a privilege, and I am confident that others will benefit just as much from her expertise and commitment.

Another Extremely Grateful Client

I had the privilege of working with Optimum Research Consulting for assistance with editing and statistical analysis support for my PhD dissertation, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. Their team exhibited exceptional professionalism and expertise throughout the entire process. Rachel in particular, was a wonderful cheerleader through the entire process. The edits to my work were very helpful, the team provided insightful feedback and suggestions that significantly improved the clarity and coherence of my writing. Moreover, their statistical support was invaluable in ensuring the robustness and accuracy of my research findings. Their various statistical techniques and software, guided me through complex analyses with patience and clarity. The consulting toward the end of the project assisted me greatly in preparing for my defense. The dedication to excellence and commitment to supporting me in completing my Ph.D. surpassed my expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend Optimum Research Consulting to any doctoral student seeking comprehensive support and guidance in their academic endeavors.

– Dr. C, Another satisfied person

I would like to express my gratitude for the extensive support that I have received through the numerous emails and calls of encouragement. I acknowledge that your unwavering support and kindness have been instrumental in my journey, and I could not have made it this far without your assistance. Your prompt response times and consistent support have significantly contributed to alleviating my anxiety levels.


The Optimum Research Consulting was fabulous. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with during my dissertation. They never left me. It took months for me to complete the whole process and they were with me every step of the way and often at a moments notice. There were times that I needed immediate assistance and they answered questions big and small. I am big on good customer service and they did not disappoint. Very kind, very supportive, and very encouraging. I am so thankful for Optimum Research Consulting because I honestly would not have completed my dissertation without their help. The editing and the support was phenomenal. They were even able to explain some parts of the dissertation that I didn’t really understand. Even my professor said, “whoever assisted with your editing, did an amazing job” I can’t thank ORC enough. Bless you all. I highly recommend!!!!

– T.W.

My experience with ORC was literally “optimum.” Right from the beginning, it was evident that Rachel and the team were very knowledgeable about the dissertation process. After discussing my dissertation topic and goals, Rachel created a very clear and practical game plan. I came to ORC completely overwhelmed and full of anxiety. But after speaking with Rachel, my anxiety dropped, I had a clearer vision of how to move forward, and felt confident for the first time that this daunting task could actually get completed. Working with ORC was more than I expected. I was awe-inspired throughout the whole process.

I would recommend ORC to anyone who believes they could use some help with their dissertation. I did not expect such a high level of professionalism and knowledge from an editor service. There was nothing that my project manager, Rachel Hamilton, did not know about the dissertation process. Not only was I impressed by her mastery and expertise, but I really appreciated how she explained concepts to me in ways that I could understand and walked me through each step of this project. And because she and the team are so good at what they do, little to no changes were recommended by my committee members.

I could not have asked for better support. Rachel was more than my project manager; she was my coach and my cheerleader. She guided me through each phase and cheered me on throughout the whole process. She gave me words of encouragement when I needed it most and reminded me to celebrate each achievement, even the small ones. I also appreciated how she often checked in on me to make sure I was doing ok and to offer any help. Rachel gave me the hope and confidence that I needed for this project. Words cannot express my gratitude.


There are no words to express my gratitude to Rachel and the Optimum Research team. I could not have completed my dissertation without them!  Finishing my EdD is bittersweet. I may have to go back to school and seek another degree – just to work with them again! Thank you Rachel and Optimum Research!


Re: Rachel at Optimum Research
Here’s how it works…’re a doctoral student stuck in Proposal prison. There seems to be no pardon for you and no way to navigate your way to get beyond these walls. Finally, you do a Google Search for “dissertation coach” believing all you need is someone who’s been there before; someone who is outside of your committee or fellow students who are stuck in the same space. Gaining courage, you reach out and schedule a call. On the other end is the most empathetic, understanding, confidence-boosting person you’ve heard in years. Finally, you start to believe in yourself, and you work together as Rachel helps you learn the “language” necessary for getting approved and past the wall that was constructed specifically for you. It all comes together. Motivation and confidence build, while you hear the kind encouragement on a regular basis from Rachel. Rachel understands the pitfalls, the discouragement, the rigor, and the persistence that it takes to complete this doctoral journey and provides a path to eventual completion. I’ve had the privilege of working with Rachel for over 3 years. Thank you for all you do and the way you do this for those who need your expertise!


Optimum research was very helpful in getting my dissertation completed with precision, ingenuity, and professional and quality work. Revisions were handled in a timely manner. Communication was excellent. There were times, I was lost, and Optimum research provided great input and encouragement, responded to my requests quickly. I am so thankful for their assistance, and encouragement from start to finish. They have a great team of professionals. I recommend them.

Recent Graduate

While working on the final stages of my Capstone project for my doctorate, I experienced a few challenges and needed support from experts who were equipped with the knowledge and skills to resolve them. While navigating the internet for assistance, I ran across ORC. After speaking with Rachel Hamilton, of ORC, I was convinced that it was the right company that I could trust with my work.

After sharing my very tight timeline and particular needs, without hesitation or reservation, Rachel Hamilton and her team began to work to provide the support that I required. From the beginning to the end, I was impressed with Rachel’s professionalism and tenacity. She and the team exceeded my expectations. Rachel reviewed my work and followed up with immediate feedback. Due to her keen sense of discernment and astute acumen, I was able to meet the deadline and successfully complete my final Oral Defense. I highly recommend Rachel and her team’s unparalleled expertise and unbridled support.

Happy Client

To say thank you seems so small and just not enough to express my deepest thanks and gratitude. From day one, you were warm and always demonstrated such kindness. You conveyed assurances that both you and your company would and could support me professionally throughout my journey. I presented an idea and an unfinished product. You supported me by answering every question, replying each time so quickly, following through on all assurances, teaching, guiding, and prepping until the unfinished product was beautifully polished and therefore ready for others to review. I am more than pleased with your services, knowledge, encouragement, and the ability to support me until my product and goal was achieved. Without your patience and help, I am not sure how far along I’d be in this journey. Thank you so very much supporting me in earning such a prize that is so rewarding. I highly recommend you and the company you so professionally represent. Best wishes to you Rachel.

– Pleased Client

Rachel this is totally amazing help. I was unaware that I could find support until I found Optimum, and the analysis and writings of the 4th chapter I found very much like my style which made it easy to read and understand and as I said before it made my research come alive! You matched the writer up well with me and I appreciate the time that took.

J. S.

If you are looking for an organization to help guide you through your Doctoral educational journey, look no further than Optimum Research Consulting! This organization is the epitome of excellence! Especially Rachel Hamilton! Rachel’s knowledge and keen insight on how to navigate this doctoral freeway was and is absolutely amazing. Rachel’s customer service, attention to detail, communication, and guidance was key to helping me attain my goals. The most important aspect for me was trustworthiness; Rachel displayed nothing but excellence. So, if you are serious about completing your educational goals, contact Rachel at Optimum!

Another pleased client

Hi Rachel, Hope you are doing well!! I’m still trying to take everything in, hard to believe that I have my Ph.D. Also, below is my written recommendation. I could not have completed my dissertation had it not been for the support of Optimum, and particularly Alex Woodall and Rachel Hamilton. I wrote my first three chapters and conducted my interviews. I was utterly exhausted from a new job, and Covid-19 had just closed the world down. I had no desire to learn NVivo and source my data. I reached out to Optimum for assistance, and Alex Woodall responded. He was an absolute “angel” that helped me through Ch.4 – he was patient, calm, and a wealth of knowledge. I then worked with Rachel Hamilton to help me with Ch. 5 and my PowerPoint for defense.
She was ALWAYS responsive and encouraging while coaching me through the defense. My gratitude to Alex and Rachel; I would not have completed my dissertation and successfully defended had not for them. Their invaluable expertise, wealth of knowledge, kindness, and compassion through this process was the best experience in the world. I would HIGHLY recommend Optimum! Rachel, thank YOU SO VERY MUCH for your help, guidance, and coaching. It was a pleasure working with you (and Alex). I’m going to pick-up my bound copies tomorrow. What a journey!!

Again, thank you so much!!!
Satisfied client

Optimum Research Consulting was extremely helpful to me in completing my Dissertation and earning my PhD degree. Alex Woodall was always optimistic and helpful, even during the most stressful times! The process of finishing a Dissertation can be difficult and make you feel like you are on your own. However, Optimum Research Consulting group helped me feel that I had a support system behind me and that eventually, together, the necessary elements of writing and editing a satisfactory Dissertation would eventually come to fruition, and it did!

– Ellen P.

I could not have completed my dissertation had it not been for the support of Optimum, and particularly Alex Woodall and Rachel Hamilton. I wrote my first three chapters and conducted my interviews. I was utterly exhausted from a new job, and Covid-19 had just closed the world down. I had no desire to learn NVivo and source my data. I reached out to Optimum for assistance, and Alex Woodall responded. He was an absolute “angel” that helped me through Ch.4 – he was patient, calm, and a wealth of knowledge. I then worked with Rachel Hamilton to help me with Ch. 5 and my PowerPoint for defense.  She was ALWAYS responsive and encouraging while coaching me through the defense. My gratitude to Alex and Rachel; I would not have completed my dissertation and successfully defended had not for them. Their invaluable expertise, wealth of knowledge, kindness, and compassion through this process was the best experience in the world. I would HIGHLY recommend Optimum!

– David L.

I wanted to express my gratitude for one of your exceptional employees, Alex Woodall, Senior Research Consultant. His calm, patient manner was a great help to me when my frustration was at an all-time high. I don’t believe I would have been able to complete my Ph.D. without Alex’s invaluable expertise. His knowledge of dissertation writing, and his remarkable problem-solving abilities are rare indeed. If the quality of a firm’s employees is an indication of future success, then Optimum Research Consulting has a very bright future.
I will be recommending Optimum Research to my friends and family.

Ms. Aguilar

Everything seemed to be going fine on my own, but when my proposal got to the URR there were issues regarding the theoretical framework that required major reworking. I had to go back to the prospectus as well as my chapters, but was confused by my chair’s comments. I didn’t feel that I was getting the support I needed when I asked for help. A friend referred me to Optimum Research and they provided everything I needed for the dissertation editing. Optimum came in exactly as needed to address the feedback. I was falling short of my goals, and the services they provided were just what I needed to get through approval. I couldn’t have done it without Optimum!

Adnan Qadir 

I am so glad I called Optimum and spoke with Wei regarding my dissertation. While I had the general idea in my head, the specifics were far and few between and I was stuck on execution. I needed someone to really delve into the details with me. The price was reasonable but more importantly the consultants at ORC were there when I needed them. Other similar firms would not agree to deliver within the time-frame required. Everything worked out well and after putting grad school behind me, I feel ecstatic! If anyone ever reads this, please, please, consider your time and happiness when making your decisions. 🙂

Samantha V.

The dissertation was difficult and stressful. When it came time to do Chapter 2 I felt lost in the endless journal articles. Hiring Optimum Research to help guide me through the process was the greatest. Their bespoke help was just what I needed. My gratitude is immense. Thank you everyone at Optimum !

– Jeremy Summers

The analysts at Optimum Research Consulting were instrumental in my graduation at Walden University with my PhD in Public Health. The feedback was everything I asked for and more. The revisions from the chairs became noticeably shorter after hiring the editors at ORC to review my work for additional feedback before submitting. They helped me and did it at a fair price. My family is proud that I have finished my PhD. I am happy I have my PhD and no longer need to pay tuition. It is a win-win for everyone. Very recommended !!!

– “Ama” Adedayo 

Our Web developer was able to make a survey and collected data. Unfortunately when it came time to analyze, he didn’t have the statistics background to handle it and neither did our marketing team. We had determined the data was instrumental in the strategic decisions our company had to make. I spoke with Mr. Lim to explain what sort of questions we were wanting answered from our already collected data. He was able to understand our needs and the reports Optimum provided demonstrated this. We were confident that we were making the best decision going forward due to Optimum’s input. There was definite value in their services.

– Ryan P. , CEO

I had received a letter from my University saying that basically I did not have enough time to complete my thesis. I was already working overtime at my job but if I knew that if I did not finish my research all I would have left is a lot of student loans and no PhD. Paul and the Optimum Research team sent me an email often to steady my hand along the route. They played an important role in reviewing my research, guiding my direction, and providing an understanding of the analysis. Some days they just seemed to want to know if I was having a good day. The personal touch was often appreciated. It was worth the price which is reasonable. My dissertation research would have simply been too much to bear without the help I received from Optimum and untold amounts of stress would have insued. Thank you.

-Stacey Osborn

My instructors at Grand Canyon University had told me that my dissertation chapters needed considerable work before being acceptable. That is when I turned to Optimum Research Consulting after calling around and finding someone I was comfortable with. Wayne and Paul were instrumental in helping my revisions find approval. Their feedback took my writing to the next level and with that help I was able to accomplish my Business PhD!  I have not one bad thing to say about any of my dealings with Optimum Research Consulting and gladly recommend them to anyone who needs help with their graduate course-load.

-Rabi Faruq

As an African-American woman who received her PhD at the age of 53, my academic life was always a challenge until I found Optimum. Not only was I slower at learning than most of my younger classmates, I also have a job and a family which require my attention. I chose to work with Optimum because they knew the dissertation process inside out, and basically knew what to do every step of the way. They never missed a deadline, and they were always responsive to my questions via phone and email. When it came the time for final defense, I was assigned a defense preparation specialist who even helped me rehearse my final defense presentation. Thanks Optimum!

-Imani Thulile

I came to Optimum Research Consulting under a great deal pressure. My undergraduate degree was a B.S. in Mathematics from a respected school, but it had been many years. With all the rigorous requirements put in place by the dissertation committee, it made it extremely time consuming to learn the nuances and advanced software needed to finalize my analysis. I called Optimum and spoke with Paul who then became a trusted mentor when I hired Optimum for their expertise in this area. Paul was able to figure out where I was confused and quickly focused on the right areas to get me past my slump. It was been relatively easy to move forward after consulting with the team at Optimum. Their flexibility in the level of service they provided was impressive and the price was quite fair. I fully recommend Optimum to everyone.

-Paul Schmitt

Being a practicing Nurse, I found it more difficult than anticipated when pursuing my PhD. Between my 2 children and a working husband, it just seemed to much to handle. My PhD at University of Phoenix in Nursing was not moving along like I had hoped. It was costing me money and causing anxiety. This is when I called around and came across Optimum. The fact that David was available to consult with me on a one on one basis made me felt so relieved.David at Optimum helped me in some key areas and answered countless questions. David and Optimum Research, THANK YOU for your service !

-Sarah Pruitt

Having learned English as my second language, the high level writing skill required was too much for me at my school. While I felt confident in the fundamentals of my research and the subject my writing needed much help. A friend recommended Optimum after having used them for an edit on their own paper. Optimum took my work and gave me some suggestions which I used to a great end. Ultimately this help was to be the greatest aid in helping me finish my degree. My chapters went through so much faster and my professors stopped spending so much time on my work. I write this recommendation as a better man with a higher potential. ORC, I feel like I still owe you. My gratitude has no bottom.

-Adegoke Oluwakanyinsola

Some people are fortunate enough in life to have more money than time. That is my blessing and why I was able to hire the help of Optimum Research in order to receive my doctorate in a quite short timeframe. With the close supervision of Optimum’s consultants who were available whenever I needed help, the whole process could not have been any quicker. Optimum made the process super easy and now I can sign all my correspondence with my new title. I’m one happy customer.

-Jareth A.

I have been working with Paul over at Optimum for over a year. To be honest, I don’t have a highly academic background and needed someone to help me from start to finish. I had no idea how to use any data analysis software, and I was panicking after my chair returned my prospectus document with over 200 comments to revise! Realizing that I couldn’t do this on my own, I contacted several academic consulting firms before settling on Optimum. The best part about Optimum is that they were on the top of it all the way. Under Paul’s tutelage, not only was I able to get the prospectus fully approved within the next month, I am expecting to graduate with my PhD in the next few months. The cost was very reasonable, and if you consider the fact they assist free of charge throughout the brief revision process, I don’t think you will find a better deal.

-Yann Armel

I hired Optimum for my company’s data analysis needs. We had a gigabytes of data from an array of sensors going back over a year. Our existing data-analysis guy left and we discovered he really hadn’t been doing anything. We needed the data reported on in a manner in which we could extract value. This is where I discussed the issue with David at ORC. He suggested some methods of analyzing our data which to be frank none of us had quite considered. I was personally impressed and I do not say such things lightly. The work was on time and done very professionally. I have zero complaints about their services, and if you speak with their statistical consulting team you will know what I mean.

-John Courage

As a PhD student who has little money, I wasn’t sure if academic consulting was the way to go for me until I spoke with Paul from Optimum. He’s very knowledgeable about Statistics and is an accomplished researcher himself with multiple publications. I will be graduating at least half a year earlier than expected due to some great reviews from my committee, so my experience with Optimum has been more than worth it.

-Janice Elder