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Optimum Research Consulting is a firm specializing in assisting graduate students and working professionals with all aspects of their research. We specialize in assisting doctoral students throughout their dissertation process, which involves completely personalized packages covering the entirety of the Comprehensive Exams, pre-dissertation materials, the Literature Review, the Methodology, as well as cutting-edge Qualitative and Quantitative Data Analysis services provided by doctoral-level researchers from top institutions. Call us today!

Beginning with the comprehensive exams and the topic selection process, our model involves in-depth assistance with any and all parts of the dissertation process. These services include the background of the study, literature review, methodology, analysis and results, and discussion chapters until final approval and/or publication. This complete, personalized approach to dissertation support makes us the most capable and competitive in our professional line of work.

Initially founded as a firm specializing in high-quality editing services, we’ve since expanded our team to include some of the brightest minds in quantitative and qualitative research analysis. This allows Optimum to offer a much more comprehensive service tailored to the specific requirements throughout the research process.

As a firm striving for exceptional work quality and highly satisfied – also known as graduated! – clients, our promise is that your needs will always come first. A typical consulting firm includes multiple layers of management, with minimal resources allocated to complete the high-quality research, analysis, and editing required for approval-ready scholarly work. Our model, on the other hand, involves removing these layers, allowing for direct communication and collaboration between our clients and our team.

Originally based out of the area that is North Carolina’s Research Triangle, Optimum later moved its main office to the dynamic city of Austin Texas. Optimum is operated by professional academic consultants and editors who have personally excelled in their own academic endeavors. Our own background in academia means that we understand the unique journey that defines every researcher’s dissertation, and we would love to provide you with a service tailored to ensure your academic success.

We are available by phone (984) 222-7122 5 days of the week. Our address is Optimum Research, 600 Congress Ave Floor 14, Austin, TX 78701.

Call (984) 222-7122 or email us at info@optimumresearchconsulting.com so that you can find out how Optimum Research can help you with your graduate school workload !