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Optimum Research’s consultants have many years of expertise assisting clients with identifying an appropriate dissertation topic, and are fully aware of topics that tend to be easily approved by universities across the globe. Call us today at (984) 222-7122 to see how our feedback will facilitate your journey not only through the Topic Selection Process, but for the remainder of your dissertation.

Very few students who enter a PhD program have a clear idea about their dissertation topic from the very beginning. Finalizing an appropriate dissertation topic involves many considerations, most importantly:

  1. Incorporating novel methodological approaches to a pre-existing phenomenon, and
  2. Suggesting contributions to current theoretical and pragmatic understandings in your field


The topic selection stage is especially important in the dissertation process because it has ramifications for the rest of your dissertation research. Because of this, it’s imperative that you establish a specific, current research gap that will be addressed throughout your study as early as possible in your dissertation process.

We believe in an interactive approach to the topic selection process, in which we develop an appropriate dissertation topic based on your personal interests, access to participants, and comfort with and time available for data collection. Our academic consultants will be happy to schedule a time with you where you can share more about the directions you’ve considered so far for your doctoral research, and we will be able to provide guidance on how you can optimize your time and resources to get moving right away on your dissertation or doctoral study.

Our dissertation assistance at this early stage is comprehensive, and our academic consulting services include:


Establishing a research focus and theoretical framework based on literature and recent research


Identifying the correct methodology to incorporate as the driver for the analytical phase of research


Strategies to tackle school-specific pre-dissertation documents, such as the concept paper, and prospectus, and research plan

To find out how we can provide you all the support you need get in touch with one of our academic consultants via email or phone (984) 222-7122.



Expertise in qualitative and quantitative research designs


Access to all major academic databases


Personalized support for data collection planning