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Get in touch with Optimum today to receive our free and valuable feedback without any obligations. Discover how we can provide you with an up-to-date evaluation of your manuscript, regardless of where you are in the academic process. We offer expert guidance to students at all stages of the dissertation journey, from developing a prospectus, to final editing. Whether you’re seeking assistance with research, writing, editing, data analysis, or coaching, we’re here to help!

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Dissertation Writing Assistance

Let us help provide assistance in developing a research proposal, refining research questions, formulating a clear and concise thesis statement, and outlining the dissertation structure.

Research Methodology Support

We help students select suitable research designs, data collection methods, and sampling strategies, and provide guidance in analyzing and interpreting data using appropriate statistical techniques or qualitative analysis methods.

Data Analysis Support

You can rely on our expertise in statistical analysis software, such as SPSS, and qualitative data analysis tools, such as NVivo.

Optimum Research Consulting is an academic consulting firm specializing in dissertation writing, research, and editing. Our staff has decades of experience in assisting students just like you. We provide comprehensive support and guidance to doctoral students throughout their dissertation journey. Our clients, both current and former, are happy with our services, which is a testament to our commitment to quality throughout the process.

Our mission is to help students successfully complete their dissertations and achieve their academic goals. We stand out from our competitors by focusing solely on doctoral dissertations rather than offering a wide range of ghostwriting services. While some companies may use dishonest tactics and misrepresent themselves, we take a straightforward and honest approach to our process.

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Graduate-level research asks doctoral candidates to be quite detailed in finding a unique and compelling research gap and design. The writing will generally follow a rigorous set of requirements, with which our editors are intimately familiar. We understand how the process can seem so stretched out at times when you’re spending so much on tuition, and not making progress. We will navigate you through the entire process. All you need to do is call us at (984) 222-7122 or email info@optimumresearchconsulting.com and speak with a consultant for a free quote.

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    Optimum Research understands the need for confidentiality for many of our clients. That is why our Non-Disclosure Agreement is sent to every prospective client. This legally binding document helps ensure our clients feel safe in their relationship with Optimum.

    Our consultations are completely free and have proven to be highly beneficial for many individuals. You will find their assistance and call notes invaluable as you meet your academic goals. Discover how Optimum can help you by reaching out to us today.