A dissertation is the culmination of many years of diligent study which builds on the education acquired in undergraduate studies. This body of knowledge has many students finding the doctoral process confusing and overly time consuming. This is where Optimum Research Consulting steps in and helps students every day.

Optimum Research Consulting is a full service academic consulting firm which specializes in helping graduate students achieve their goals. Our staff consists of experienced PhD level researchers who are experts in nearly every area of study. From the very start of the process, clients have a privileged discrete relationship that is established by a legally binding non-disclosure agreement. Students do not need to disclose Optimum’s involvement with anyone else unless they choose. Optimum always has someone available to discuss your specific needs and explain how hiring Optimum will simplify your life.

  • Are you at the beginning of your dissertation process, completely lost not knowing where to begin?
  • Are you a competent researcher in your own right, but lack time to learn all the software and methodologies required?
  • Are you not up to date with the latest technologies required for your analysis?
  • Are you a busy professional with your own pre-existing workload in addition to school?
  • Are you stumbling over mental blocks?


Students come to Optimum with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Optimum Research excels in helping students like this daily. From simple research collaboration to a full solution, Optimum is here to help and to do so in a professional and prompt manner. Optimum Research has a unique guarantee for all of our academic editing: If the edits on your paper do not pass, then Optimum works with you free of charge until a satisfactory result is achieved.

Did you already know what NVivo , ATLAS.ti , Dedoose, and MAXQDA are? Did you already have experience with them prior to your qualitative research? On the quantitative side, programming languages for statistical analysis are not any easier. SPSS, R, SAS, Stata, C,and Python all have a huge learning curve before they can be used for doctoral level quantitative analysis. The time to learn and apply this knowledge simply is not there, and this can drag out the process. We help make your journey to graduation more efficient, so you can reach your goals faster.

It is never too late or too early to hire Optimum Research. If you have mental blocks that are preventing you from choosing a Research Topic then let our researchers give guidance towards fashionable research topics in all disciplines. Perhaps the topic has been chosen, but the mountains of available literature is found to be daunting. Optimum’s experienced researchers can readily distill all these sources into the relevant core sources and help present these in a coherent manner. Even if the dissertation has been written, Optimum can help with Defense PreparationOptimum can prepare a mock-defense which can be held over the phone or video conferencing.

Optimum was founded with one idea in mind, and that is complete customer satisfaction. We do this by guaranteeing and delivering academic success for all of our clients. Optimum is primarily an academic firm, and that is why our clients hold diplomas in even the most rigorous programs. Let us help you keep your educational goals on track.

Optimum Research Consulting

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