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Citations and References

Our expert editors will conduct a full audit, checking the accuracy and consistency of references throughout the dissertation, and ensuring all sources are appropriately credited and cited.

Formatting and Layout

Let our editors ensure that the margins, font size and style, spacing, pagination, and other formatting elements are in compliance with all requirements.


Our line-by-line editing service eliminates typographical, spelling, punctuation mistakes, and other syntax errors that may have been overlooked.

An academic editor plays a crucial role in improving a dissertation by ensuring that it meets the highest standards of academic writing, meeting both APA 7 guidelines and the requirements of your university. Our editors have decades of experience clarifying language, improving the tone for consistency and coherence, and other tasks related to the style and organization of dissertations. They will ensure all sources are appropriately credited and cited.

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At Optimum, our process revolves around two values we hold dearly: quality assurance, and a personalized 1 on 1 approach. We take pride in ensuring that our work is relevant, accurate, and adheres to the guidelines of the institution before we submit it back to you. This sets us apart from other firms. Another core value is the belief that cultivating lasting connections with our clients is essential.

We understand that when you’re spending so much on tuition and not making progress, the whole undertaking can seem drawn out. We will navigate you through the entire process.

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    Optimum Research understands the need for confidentiality for many of our clients. That is why our Non-Disclosure Agreement is sent to every prospective client. This legally binding document helps ensure our clients feel safe in their relationship with Optimum.

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