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Optimum Research Consulting is an academic consulting firm specializing in scholarly editing and writing assistance for dissertations.

Editing assistance, and particularly dissertation editing, are primary areas of expertise for our firm. Our expert editors have graduate degrees and university-level teaching experience in literature, writing, and composition and rhetoric. With over 10 years of editing experience, we have detailed knowledge of APA style first and foremost, and CMOS, Harvard, MLA, and Turabian styles, as well.

This means we’ll not only edit your dissertation draft so that your work is ready to submit for final review and upload, but we can also provide you with tailored and highly specific feedback throughout the writing process. We’ll even point you toward other resources so that you become more familiar with your school or program’s chosen style guide and formatting requirements.

As editors, it’s a point of pride that our clients’ work is clean and professional to an exceptional standard. We’ve worked with many clients who experience delays because their work does not meet their schools’ specific requirements for scholarly writing. Moreover, many reviewers often focus on the technical aspects of dissertation writing to neglect the more fundamental aspects of a strong dissertation. We can help you to present a finished draft so that your chair and committee focus their attention on your research, and only your research, throughout the dissertation process.

For researchers beginning their publication career or looking for a new editing service familiar with the ins-and-outs of APA editing and journal formatting, rest assured we can absolutely assist you, as well! Our team has experience editing for a wide range of audiences and on very short deadlines.



Expertise with all major academic style guides


Complete citation review support


Flexible support to meet any deadline

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