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At Optimum, we provide comprehensive dissertation assistance tailored to each client and each study. Reach out today for a free consultation or to hire the best dissertation writers.

Our expert team at Optimum Research can provide you flexible, responsive dissertation help as you navigate your doctoral journey. Since 2018, we’ve helped hundreds of candidates become doctors through highly individualized, hands-on support. We offer help at each stage of your journey, leveraging the expertise of our team to provide doctoral-level writing and research, qualitative and quantitative methodology, statistical analysis, and dissertation editing.

Our tailored, client-specific approach makes us different from other dissertation consulting firms, many of whom charge on a per-page or per-hour basis and don’t take the time to learn about a client’s study and needs before sharing a quote. At Optimum, we:


  • Offer free consultation with each client, first listening about your journey—where you are in that process, where you’ve been, and where you’re going.
  • Complete a diagnostic review of your existing work to determine where you’re starting from and what’s needed to reach final approval.
  • Provide a comprehensive written plan with feedback, guidance, and a plan for assistance and a to-the-dollar cost that includes all revisions.
  • Answer any and all questions before we start working and after we finish, ensuring we stay on the same page and on the path to approval.


These principles guide all the dissertation help we provide, through all the stages of the journey. Our assistance starts with the exploratory research needed to find a current and significant gap in the literature to motivate your study, and it culminates in comprehensive support in preparing for the defense of your final dissertation.

In between, we can help with all the research you’ll need to situate your study in the context of work in the field and justify its focus and research design. We can also develop a full methodology to help guide you through recruitment, data collection, and the qualitative and quantitative analysis that will help you construct the results and discussion chapters. We can also take on comprehensive dissertation writing and editing to ensure that your manuscript adheres to APA editing conventions or any other formatting guidelines you must use.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is OptimumResearchConsulting.com ?

Optimum Research Consulting is a full-service academic consulting firm providing dissertation help across all stages of the doctoral journey. We offer a tailored and responsive approach, providing hands-on assistance with dissertation research, qualitative and quantitative methodology, statistical analysis, APA editing, and even defense preparation. We also help with everything in between these steps, leveraging doctoral-level expertise to help you reach approval quickly.

Why choose Optimum Research?

At Optimum, we recognize that each client and each study are different. Unlike other consulting firms, we don’t share a cost or contract without first building a careful, tailored plan for assistance. We offer free consultation and a free diagnostic reviews of what you’re working on to help us see where you’re starting from and where you need to go. In fact, clients often tell us that the feedback and guidance we share is more helpful than anything they’ve received from their committees! 

With the deep understanding we build through our review, we know exactly how to help, sharing a plan and quote for exactly that–with a cost that won’t change.

Do you provide a guarantee ?

We do! Because of the planning we do at the start of each project, we can take on all revisions until final approval. All reviewers have individual preferences–we learn and align our work with them, all the way to the finish line.

What will it cost ?

Unlike other consulting firms, we don’t price on a per-hour or per-page basis. Doing so results in costs that aren’t stated clearly upfront and continue to creep upward during the course of a project. At Optimum, our expert dissertation coaches share a specific, to-the-dollar quote after diagnostic review and planning. The result is a tailored cost to match what you need to reach approval, including all revisions to get there.

Where are your consultants located ?

All of our staff–dissertation coaches, researchers, qualitative and quantitative analysts, statisticians, and APA editors–are based in the United States. Optimum is a cloud-based company, as this allows us to leverage the expertise of professors and researchers in a wide variety of fields. However, we insist that our team is US-based, as this ensures that we keep our work at doctoral level. Again, our clients’ work matters, and reaching approval quickly is the best way we can help.

Do you have subject-matter experts in my field of study?

We certainly do. Given the way we leverage doctoral-level resources, we have subject-matter experts in psychology, education, business, nursing, healthcare, organizational leadership, and a host of other fields. When a client reaches out for dissertation help in a field we don’t work in–say, electrical engineering–we’re happy to refer to another service.

What is the policy concerning confidentiality ?

Your privacy is important to us. In the first email we send to you, we’ll include a non-disclosure agreement, guaranteeing that the information you share with us is used only for our consultation together. We take other precautions, as well–our email servers are with Google, whose email and cloud storage solutions adhere to ISO 27001 and other independent security standards.

Will the price be reduced if I don't urgently need the work?

In determining the cost for the dissertation assistance we provide, we assess both (a) what’s needed and (b) the timeline. We’re pretty fast: Our work is done within 2-3 weeks. During that time, we ensure that we adhere to all guidelines—this reduces the number of revisions that would come with work thrown together hastily, resulting in much faster approval.

When we can have flexibility in our normal time frame, we’re able to leverage resources more efficiently and pass those savings to you. Of course, what’s needed to reach final approval won’t change, but we can certainly provide at least a modest discount when we get more time.  

Can you reduce the plagiarism score of my dissertation ?

It’s common for candidates to struggle with high similarity scores from checkers like Turnitin. We can address plagiarism issues so that you can resubmit and reach approval.

Can I set up a payment plan ?

Of course! We do this automatically for clients, as we divide the cost of each project into installments. Specifically, we use milestone-based payments where, after an initial payment for us to get started, all subsequent payments come with the receipt of work from us. This way, you make payments only as you progress toward approval.

Through comprehensive support that lasts to final approval, the team at Optimum can help you save on tuition costs and expand your bandwidth so you can devote time and attention to what matters. We’d love to talk about our dissertation research expertise and share insights that light the way forward. Reach out by phone at 984-222-7122 or email us at info@optimumresearchconsulting.com.

Help with writing dissertation

    At Optimum, our expert dissertation writers and analysts are here to help. There’s no commitment after your free phone consultation. It matters to us to learn–about your study, your needs, and how we can help.


    We know that meeting deadlines with high-quality work matters. We guarantee on-time submission and alignment with guidelines for each project, and revisions are included at no additional charge. We develop comprehensive plans before sharing quotes or accepting payments to make sure our dissertation help leads to final approval. We believe in open communication to earn your trust–so if you have questions, just ask!


    Optimum’s research team is composed of qualitative and quantitative analysts who have extensive, doctoral-level research experience. We stand behind our expertise and guarantee approval for all the dissertation assistance we provide.


    Optimum Research is available 7 days a week, 365 days a year to serve you. Our office is open from 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday. We’re always available via email and can work around your schedule to connect.

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